Carlos & Christa
Olivella, Spain


Carlos and Christa wed at a private villa in the hills above Barcelona. Their sun-drenched wedding was so pure, so authentic, and so much fun. Read below what they had to say about their film:

After we got engaged in Positano Italy, we decided we wanted to get married abroad. So there and then without seeing the venue in person we decided to go for Casa Felix. From that point on we based all our decisions on our emotions. And when we saw the very first Velare film together, we still remember the moment, we knew no one else could, would and should film our wedding. That night we cried our eyes out whilst watching their films, they were so emotional, pure, filled with love and creativity. And for us one of the key things was the way he works with music. Editing songs to fit the emotions, pure talent and something we really enjoyed seeing and hearing.

We expected a lot of our wedding film, and maybe too much. But to be honest it was way better than we expected. We received our film Saturday at 05:15 AM, we knew the film would come that day, so we kept on our phones while we were sleeping. The “beep” of a received email woke us. Still sleeping I saw the email came from Tim. And no alarm clock, sound or whatever could have woken us both up better than that message. After watching the film over and over again, we are still speechless.... We cry, We laugh, We listen... We don't know what to tell you..... We're so incredible happy with you, with the film.

Thank you so so so much!!!

Groom’s SuitRietbergh
Groom’s Tie
Sharp and Dapper
Groom’s ShoesCarlos Santos
Hair & Makeup Sabrina Eijkman
CatererPati La Morrera
Officiant Marian van Ooijen

Videography – Velare
Wesley Nullens
Venue Casa Felix, Olivella, Spain
Wedding Dress – Rosa Clará
Bride’s ShoesMichael Kors